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Welcome to CNMA-UK


Cameroonian Nurses Association UK (CNA-UK) is a non-party political association, formed on 13th July 2005 by nine dedicated nurses. It all began when Ms Evodian Fonyonga, supported by eight other nurses, convened the first meeting at Ashwin Hall in London.

The primary aim of the CNA-UK is to build a stronger community amongst the Cameroonian nurses in the UK in order to enable the nurses to work collaboratively and in harmony, while contributing positively to both the health care system in the UK and in Cameroon.

CNA-UK’s founding members recruited additional members and CNA UK has grown from strength to strength.  Each of its members have helped to grow the Association through their determination and sacrifices and the Association now has 25 members and four Patrons. 

CNA-UK is a voluntary, non-political, non-religious and non-profit making Association.  The CNA-UK is still to acquire its charitable status and intends to commence this process in the near future.

Our Aims:

To build a stronger community amongst the Cameroonian Nurses in the UK to enable the Nurses in the UK to work collaboratively and in harmony to develop further while contributing positively to both the health care system in the UK and in Cameroon.

Our Objectives:

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Because we are here to listen and to support you when and where ever possible...